For better sleep, less pain & a happier healthier pregnancy. 

Stretch & Glow in an online prenatal yoga platform with weekly videos, interviews, tips and tools to help you relax, unwind, stay fit, and release aches and pains in the comfort of your own home with Studio Owner & Prenatal Yoga Expert, Deb Young.

Why You'll Love Stretch & Glow

Tested by more than 2000 women worldwide - here are some of the reasons you'll LOVE our easy to follow online prenatal yoga program.


Our easy to follow sequences will help you reduce lower back pain, ease achy hips & improve core strength. 


We help take the fear factor out of giving birth, by showing you breathing techniques, active birth positions + tips to manage pain in labor. 


With Stretch & Glow you can access our yoga, meditation & breathing practices in the comfort of your own home. No more hassles with parking, or missed classes - practice when it suits you.


Deb Young has more than 13 years experience as a yoga teacher, is a trained Doula, Yoga Studio Owner, mother of two, and has an Honours Degree in Physical and Health Education.

Hi there lovely! My name is Deb Young - I'm a yoga studio owner with more than 13 years experience as a yoga studio owner & prenatal yoga teacher and I'd love to help you to stay fit, healthy, active & confident during your pregnancy.


With my simple prenatal yoga sequences, you'll learn to stretch in a safe way to ease pregnancy aches and pains, learn breathing & relaxation techniques to sleep better & reduce stress and feel happier, healthier & more confident!

Between morning sickness, appointments for your pregnancy & all the things on your to-do list, I bet that looking after yourself and your health & wellbeing is a real challenge - and I want to help you find ways to sleep better, release aches and pains & feel healthier EVEN if you're busy or not feeling the best.

On the other hand - you might be feeling like a GODDESS and you've always been curious about yoga - but never had the chance to try - well now's the time! 


In this FREE 14 DAY TRIAL you'll get access to easy to follow prenatal yoga practices that you can do when time is short - or your other kids are napping, in the comfort of you own home.

You'll also meet other women and get access to our free facebook community where you can ask all your pregnancy & prenatal yoga related questions!


Why Stretch & Glow? Unlike many of the prenatal yoga sequences you'll see on places like YouTube (where many yoga teachers film a prenatal sequence as something fun to do while they are pregnant).... I've dedicated the last 13+ years to helping women feel more empowered during pregnancy.

I also have an Honours Degree in Physical and Health Education, have studied and worked as a Doula and have two beautiful kids of my own. Oh... and because I've run a yoga studio for the past 13 years with my partner Russ... EVERYTHING we share online at Stretch and Glow has been tried and tested by thousands of real women face to face. That's why I am able to give you awesome options and tips in every single lesson.

Lastly - my hubby (partner in business, love, travel & tantrums) is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist - so we make sure everything we teach you focusses on building strength & improving flexibility in areas that are most affected during pregnancy (hips, lower back, abdomen). 



Things You'll Love

Weekly Program: Each week we curate a mix of short and longer practices with an overall theme to support your pregnancy.

Lesson Bank + Search Tool: Need to find a lesson for back pain? Or have a set amount of time to spare? With our search tool and lesson bank it's easy to find the perfect lesson.

Online Moms Facebook Group: In our fantastic facebook group we post playlists, tips and ask you questions about what you need. It's a great chance to stay connected and meet other women, announce your birth, or to give us feedback and make requests or simply let us know what you're loving about the program.

Extras: Playlists, book reviews, recipes and interviews with birth professionals are some of the other extras that you'll love about Stretch & Glow.

Desktop + Mobile Friendly

Easy to navigate & optimised for any device. Prenatal yoga, meditation & relaxation, anywhere, anytime.

We'll even show you how to access the program from your smartphone screen like any other app. All you need is a reliable wi-fi connection.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Stretch & Glow beginner friendly?

Absolutely! In fact many women wait until pregnancy to try yoga.

We give beginner friendly options & key alignment tips in every lesson so there is no need to worry. 

I'm in my first trimester - can I still participate?

We have a ton of gentle and short sequences that are perfect for 1st trimester moms so if you want to get started straight away then go for it!

If you are feeling tired or nauseous feel free to rest and try our relaxation sequences and then pick up the pace in your second trimester.

I've heard some yoga postures aren't safe during pregnancy - how do I know I'm doing it right?

We've taken out postures that are generally not recommended in pregnancy (like lying on your tummy) and replaced them with pregnancy safe options.

We also give 2-3 options throughout each class for more challenging postures - so that you can practice in a way that feels right for your body.

I'm at the end of my pregnancy - can I still join these classes?

Definitely! Most of our students practice right up until the birth of their baby. We've even had women attend our IN STUDIO classes while they are in labour!!!

If you are toward the end of your third trimester - we have a fantastic program that comes with our membership called "7 Days to a Better Birth" designed to help you get in a great headspace in those last few weeks.

Can I download these lessons?

Unfortunately we don't have a download option at the moment - you need internet access that allows you to watch video. 

Do you have an app? I want to view and access these lessons on my smart phone.

Our membership is fully optimised for any device. Although we don't have an 'app'' we'll show you how to access the lessons from your phone home screen just like any other app.

I've got lower back pain, sciatica, pelvic discomfort, abdominal separation... Will these lessons be ok for me?

Pain in pregnancy sucks! Around 80% of women will experience some type of lower back pain during pregnancy - so it's super common and excuse the pun - but we've totally got your back on this!

Our sequences are designed to help alleviate common pregnancy related aches and pains by strengthening & stretching key postural muscle groups that are most affected by pregnancy.

We give options for Sacro-Illiac Pain, Abdominal Separation, Lower Back Pain or Pubic Symphysis Disorder. Most of our students report that Stretch & Glow helped ease pregnancy related aches and pains.

I will be delivering my baby via c-section - are these lessons suitable?

Yes! Our lessons will help strengthen your body - which is key for a quick recovery. Our breathing techniques can be used to help you feel more calm during surgery.

Taking time out for yourself is a fantastic way to help foster the connection you have with your pregnancy and your baby - regardless of the way you give birth. We support ALL moms.

How is Stretch & Glow different from free lessons on YouTube?

With so many free videos out there on YouTube, you might be wondering how Stretch & Glow is different? Well - for starters - there are no annoying ads!

Most importantly, you'll have a huge range of lessons that are suitable for your entire pregnancy.

Rather than just a random collection of lessons with different teachers - you'll get to know Deb as a teacher,  and have a chance to connect with other women through our private face book group.

You can also ask questions and request us to film lessons - so Stretch and Glow is like having your own personal pregnancy coach that you know, love and trust.

I'm having twins - can I still use Stretch & Glow?

Yes! We've had lots of moms having twins say how convenient and nurturing our classes are. We give various options throughout each lesson to 'make space' and 'rest'.

Who has tried Stretch & Glow?

From stay at home moms, to busy working professionals such as doctors, midwives, physiotherapists and even celebrities - our classes are suitable for all women who are passionate about a healthy, happy pregnancy & confident  birth. We've also been featured in the Australian Yoga Journal, Partnered Birth Beat (who will be featured on Shark Tank in Australia mid 2018) a business that provides online birth education classes. We've also had our articles published on mummy blogs such as Kidspot.



For better sleep, less pain & a happier healthier pregnancy.